Sad to leave Chanco

Today was the last day in Chanco and we were sorry to leave the sweet people. They always allowed us into their homes. Today I was on the David team David Miller (IBM missionary), Patrick and Irvin, and Miguel (interpreter). We visited, Conzuela, a lady that lives alone. We had the rare opportunity to share with men that were on the porch at Conzuela’s home. They listened intently and heard the gospel presented as the greatest gift of all.

Monday we prayed for Christian, a 20 y/o and William, a 10 y/o for healing. Christian received a bible 4 months ago. He started reading in Genesis. The College Team suggested he read the New Testament. Christian has been reading daily and was ready to pray for salvation along with his father Falstavia. Please pray for this family in physical healing and to grow spiritually.

photo 2

Many of the parents cannot read, but their children attend school until the 6th grade. The college team left many Children’s Bible Stories Bibles. It is so encouraging to hear the parents tell how much their children read them. We trust God is raising up a generation of youth that will know Christ and understand how Christ was displayed in the Old Testament. Our goal is to have one Children’s Bible in each home.

Thanks for your prayers of protection and spiritual victories. We are blessed to see God’s beautiful creation in the scenery and the Ch’orti people.


photo 3

photo 4

photo 5



Tate(Tito) made a new friend…Tony the van driver!

photo 1


Sharon Goodson

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