Bright Bookends

I’ve heard it said that the greatest stories are the stories of a small light in the midst of great darkness, like bright stars in a dark sky (think David and Goliath, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Schindler’s List, etc.).
If this is true, then some of the greatest stories are being written in the heart of India today.

The darkness of India was all too apparent today: street children aggressively refusing to let go of our hands, old men silently passing their last days on the side of the road, ordinary workers barely providing a mean existence for their families, and throngs of people devoutly offering themselves (and their food and their money) to statues of idols.

But God was good today in allowing us to see some bright lights at the bookends of our day. At breakfast we met an elderly couple using their retirement stage to travel to India and support the work of local pastors and missionaries. And after a very long and hard day of seeing Delhi (and getting a bit turned around outside the Delhi metro station), we were helped by a young Indian couple. About three questions into our conversation, they asked, “so you are believers, yes?” My thoughts were (“so we’re that obvious huh?!”). They told us that they were also believers, and had started an orphanage in their own home. The wife was currently on her way to lead college-age girls in Bible study! After spending a day observing the darkness of Delhi, we were greatly relieved to see how God is bringing light into this place.

In the smog-filled Delhi sky, it’s hard to see the stars. But they are still there…whether we see them or not. Once in a while, you may just be in the right place to catch a glimpse of a sparkle. We were blessed to see two of those today.

Pray for us as we travel to City A and meet our good friend Emmanuel and prepare for our trainings. I’m sure we’ll be starstruck by the time we finish 🙂

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