Guatemala Bound!

For the past two years, First Baptist and LifePark have partnered with International Mission Board workers serving within the villages of Guatemala, and their efforts have focused primarily on the small, mountain village of Chancò. Four to five teams go each year, building relationships with the villagers and encouraging the handful of national believers there.

Our fifth team of the year will be leaving bright and early in the morning for a week-long trip. The team includes Larry Zimmerman, Dave Matthews, Joshua Forrest, Stewart Hulett, Renee Pauley, and Jennifer Lively. Please cover the team in prayer. Pray for safety, health, unity, and clear vision. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide their every move and, above all, that the Kingdom will grow in Chancò!

Pray fervently as the team presses upon the villagers once again the hope that can be found in Jesus. Many there have heard His precious name, but have distorted and combined Mayan customs and Catholic traditions. They worship Mary and the Saints, put faith in good works, seek favor from local “religious” leaders, and have become increasingly apathetic. While they may have His picture in their homes, they do not have a love for Him – Him alone – in their hearts. Yes, indeed, it’s time to return!


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