BEAUTIFUL day in Chanco!!

Stewart started our day yesterday by speaking to us from Romans 4:4 and Hebrews 11:6. He reminded us that it is impossible to please God without faith. We need to sincerely seek Him and recognize He is there. God is pleased simply when we believe in Him and seek after Him.

During our morning, we visited folks in their homes and invited adults and children to afternoon bible studies. Please pray that we will have great attendance at our adult bible study on Wednesday. Eleven children came out to hear yesterday’s bible study, and we had a great time playing in the field.

Our team is invited to a celebration in the village today. We are so excited to celebrate with the villagers. It’s graduation for the school, celebration of the new road in the village, and the birthday of a former mayor.

Thank you for your prayers. We can feel them here in Guatemala!! We have been blessed with great weather, and we are so excited about our upcoming days here! Please pray that God’s Will will be done!



2 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL day in Chanco!!

  1. So awesome! I love the pic! That’s so great yall’ve been asked to join the people for the festival. How cool you’ll get a small glimpse into their everyday life. Praying for fruitful conversation and for the Lord to bring some people of peace into your path!

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