01/27/15 Day Two…Beautiful Views, Gorgeous People…and Antifungal Toothpaste???

IMG_2258 IMG_2255 IMG_2252 IMG_2224 IMG_2228 IMG_2236 IMG_2239 IMG_2240 IMG_2242 IMG_2233 IMG_2232 IMG_2230 IMG_2245 IMG_2247 IMG_2250 IMG_2251

We have completed Day one and day two of our medical and dental clinic up on the mountains in beautiful Chanco. Our friendships are growing and we know that God is definitely in this place. We have seen around 65 people in clinic each day. The people here are beautiful and full of love.

Dr. Hook tried to invent a new dental cleanser as he decided to brush his teeth this morning with antifungal cream instead of his minty fresh toothpaste…. yikes!!

Heather and Justin sampled some fruit from one of the trees of a house visit we were able to do today. The people were so gracious in allowing us to visit their home.

Tim has done wonders alleviating back pain, shoulder pain, and other joint and muscle pains with his adjustments using his skills as a chiropractor. He is a huge asset to our team.

Allen and Dr. Hook, along with the help of Ron, Charlie, Heather, and Jennifer, have been pulling teeth one by one….to see these people have faith in our dental team and to see their boldness and braveness….it inspires us to be bold and brave in our faith and to share the great news of Christ.

Eric, Justin, Kelly, Nancy, Anne H, Anne B and Derek have been hard at work in the medical clinic and pharmacy providing medical care and medications for the people of Chanco.

As we look down the beautiful mountains, we realize that the people here are definitely not poor…in fact, they are rich in love and happiness. The smiles on their faces…the hugs and love that they have shared with us is just hermosa (amazing)!!!!

Tomorrow is another day…and yes, the rooster is still crowing at 2:45am…..

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