1/29/2015 Off the Mountain and Heading Back…

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Amigos! We are all now fluent in Espanol and ready to come back home! The people of Chanco have impacted us all differently, and in one way or another, they have changed our hearts.

After breakfast, we re-packed the medicines and supplies; but before we left the hotel, we took a quick walk around Jocatan. The team piled into the vans for our death defying road journey back to Guatemala City. We raced lightening fast motorcycles, broke through crowded streets and navigated around unexpected detours. The ride was full of laughter and tears as we continued to grow closer together as a team…a family. Listening to testimonies and recalling our time in Chanco made the road trip enjoyable. However, we had to say goodbye to some of our translators. Specifically, it was hard to see Hector leave. He was really invested and curious throughout the whole week. He was genuine in his actions to help others physically get the help they needed and to help them understand the Gospel. We made it safely to the City and decided to walk to dinner. No one was injuried crossing the street and we had a peaceful dinner. We continued to laugh, talk and be merry. There is nothing like sitting down to a warm meal with family after such an amazing week.

We ended the day as we started it…with thoughts about courage. Our morning devotional spoke about being unbroken in the face of adversity and we ended the day with a challenge to be missionaries in our everyday lives. May we live our lives with power, love and self-discipline…to be strong and courageous no matter what!

Love y’all and see ya soon!

4 thoughts on “1/29/2015 Off the Mountain and Heading Back…

  1. May God continue to bless the people of Guatemala and each of you as you return to your daily lives. Your good work of mind and body will remain to help those whose lives you’ve touched for many years to come.

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