1/30/2015 Good-bye Guatemala

Ok … so up bright and early and we left the baptist seminary for a day of sight seeing and shopping in Antigua. The bus ride to Antigua was uneventful, but rumors of highway workers who were supposed to be on strike today kept us on our toes.

After arriving safely in Anitgua we met up with David and Glennis Miller. It was great seeing them again as well as reconnecting with interpreters and drivers who had helped us out in the past. Many hugs and photos were exchanged and it was a time that warmed all of our hearts.

Now to the business of shopping! We split up into 2 person teams and attacked the market. The coffee stands were hit the hardest with the purses a close second. After regrouping we had lunch, did a little more shopping and then hit the road back home.

Tonights devotion was on attitude and we all reflected on the week and how it had impacted us. We talked about how even doing the same thing twice but with a godly attitude can make all the difference in the world. God calls us to be the light in this world and that means our attitude needs to be filled with hope and joy.
We are all excited about re-entry tomorrow and yet saddened to leave those on the mountain we have ministered to this week. However, it must be said that while were there to help remove burdens in hopes of eventual spiritual transformation, God also ministered to us.

What a great team and blessed week!!!

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