Day 3 in Chancó!

Today was a day filled with the joy of the Lord! We got to do some home visits this morning, a soccer game this afternoon, and a surprise blessing of a local hot spring visit this evening. During half time of the soccer game, we were able to share the story of Jesus with the Chancó soccer team and all the children watching the game. We even got to do a little cheer-leading with some of them! Miguel, a Chancó native and fellow believer, was able to join us for dinner tonight at our hotel with his father. It was wonderful to break bread with a brother!

[We only got to go to two homes today, and the first one we didn’t get to spend any time with. They said that they had to get everything in their home ready, like cooking and cleaning, because of Holy Week. It’s considered a sin for them to do any work on Thursday or Friday so they had to get ready today. In the second home there were only three kids home. We read them the creation story from the children’s bible and then we gave it to them. It was so cute because as soon as we gave it to them they took it in to a room and all huddled around it.

I got to make tamales today, and we had fresh bananas- they were so good and way better than anything I’ve had in the states. The soccer game was really fun to watch and take pictures of. It was cool to see than even though we don’t speak the same language that we can do the same things and enjoy time together. We lost 7-4. ]


[Our group got to go to a house where the parents weren’t home, just a 16 year old girl named Sarah. We were excited she was the only one there because she was able to speak more freely than if her parents had been home. She told us she believed in Jesus, but when we asked her if she was going to Heaven she said “Only God knows.” We shared scripture with her and talked to her for a while and then asked her the same question, and she said she is going to Heaven!]


[Today I enjoyed the house visits and the soccer game. I was part of the group that visited with the 16 year old girl Sarah, and I think it was a great experience not just for her but for us too. The soccer game was fun, and I enjoyed hanging out with Cruz, the in country missionary’s son.

Also, I got a pretty snazzy haircut.]


Cruz, one of the in country missionaries’ sons





Sharing the good news at half time


Cheering on our teams!



Surprise hot springs!


The Snazzy Haircuts, authentic Guatemalan.

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