Our Last Day in Chonco

Today was our last day on the mountain in Chonco. It’s also Holy Week, so today in Guatemala was a day or rest. Most families were home spending time together, so apart from prior invites from families we didn’t do much visiting. We stopped by some of the homes to say goodbye and pray with them, and made a few visits if we were invited in. We still had quite a few kids come for VBS, which we were not prepared for, so we quickly threw together a lesson filled with story time, games, and music! We finished off our time atop the mountain near the community center which is high on the top of the mountain. We prayed over the village of Chonco and for the people of Guatemala.

We arrived back at our hotel and spent some time exploring the city of Jocatan, where our hotel is located. The streets are busy with holy week activities, so a lot of the shops were closed. Tomorrow we will head to Guatemala City to the Arkansas House.

[We went to two houses today and they were all having meetings and gathering for Holy Week so they didn’t let us in. We went to one house and they invited us in- and offered us tamalis and tamalindo! We had fun with their kids because we couldn’t roll our R’s and they kept laughing at us. After lunch we were invited in to another home and they gave us chocolate covered bananas!]

[My day was filled with expectations I didn’t consider. I have been to Guatemala previously but never have experienced their Semana Santa (Holy Week). This weeek is filled with traditoins that I’ve never experienced in the states. In the villages, I think it was a way for Satan to hinder us from presenting the gosepl. Homes were not really wanting to receive us due to holy week, so we decided to prayer walk. We ended up at one home and we were invited in and were able to ask questions about the week. It was a blessing to build relationships by talking about their traditions, even without presenting the gospel.]

[Throughout the week I got to know a group of girls in Chonco by painting their nails, braiding hair, & teaching each other spanish and english words. Today was out last day in the village, and the girls brought some of us gifts! They brought drawings and sweets and wrote letters. It was just so touching.]

Our Team



Home Visit

Chocolate Covered Bananas!

Street decoration for Holy Week in Jocotan, right outside our hotel


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