A Summary of the South Dakota Vision Trip

South Dakota Vision Trip

FBC partners with Hope Next Door—a non-profit organization that seeks to provide employment on Native American reservations. The goal of Hope Next Door is to support a bi-vocational pastor while providing income for unreached peoples.

With this strategy in mind, our Vision Team met with Buck Hill of the North American Mission Board. According to Buck, there are no other Southern Baptist churches that are currently working among Native Americans in the US.

Over the last few weeks several other churches have contacted him with a desire to plant churches on Native American Reservations. After several encouraging hours of conversation, we are so excited about the possibility of partnering with the North American Mission Board to help plant indigenous, Native American churches in South Dakota.

Our prayer is that the business model for Hope Next Door would be reproducible and could be a training ground for Native American pastors in the future.

Be encouraged that the Lord is at work among Native Americans! We are seeking wisdom from the Lord in knowing what part FBC might play in reaching them.

Would you join with us in praying for the Lord’s direction of this partnership?

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