The eagle is scoping the grounds

Hola, Americanos

So our day 2 adventure began with a roller coaster ride up the mountain and a morning devotional to prepare our hearts for this spiritual journey. Also we prayer walked through the different areas of Chancó. We saw many homes, the school, the well, and many animals. We smelled delicious wild fruits, and not so wonderful smells.:) We met many villagers throughout our walk, had quick conversations and carried on with prayer walking. After we had lunch and played some games, soccer or futbol with the kids. After that we spilt up into to our designated teams and went out to separate houses around the village. My team went to only one home, the family seemed very solid and on there way to excepting Christ. They just had a few hang ups on what we had to say. They had so many questions and they were so inviting to hear what we had to say. The kids were great and they respect their parents and talk in low voices all the time. The girls love to get their nails polished, of course all of them love the candy! I really connected through my 1 semester of 9th grade Spanish.  We use bracelets that tell the gospel in just 7 colors. I only heard some short stories from my fellow team members and their adventures. Then we headed back down the mountain. As we headed down we told stories of our many adventures through fellowship with our team mates and ended the day with an evening devotional.

Love Karly 🙂 ❤ 😉

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