The Eagle on an Adventure

After our night of rest we walked to the dining pavilion for a lovely breakfast of a typical Guatemalan breakfast or pancakes with REALLY sweet syrup and fruit. The morning devotional went very well from Tate in Haggai about building the Lord’s house. As we packed into the van and the Whites family’s car for another bumpy adventure up to Chancó (our E-Ticket adventure) we had our morning visits, around the town. We were so thrilled the school principal allowed us to lead games and stories during recess.This enabled us to reach more children that had never attended the Bible Stories and games that our many teams have lead over the last few years. The Games went amazingly well and we made more bracelets again today sharing the story of God’s salvation. The late afternoon visits were very interesting. We split into groups and covered two houses that really needed prayer and to learn forgiveness for each other. Reports from both groups were very emotional and hopefully started a healing process. After meeting up and taking another E-Ticket adventure we headed back to the hotel for some R&R before dinner. We had a local delicacy for dinner ….which was Dominos pizza at the lovely White’s casa. Ending the day with a night time devotional from Eric.  We ended another adventure here in Guatemala, to be continued…


Tiffany<3 🙂

One thought on “The Eagle on an Adventure

  1. I am so happy to see my daughter doing wonderful works for the lord We are keeping you all in our prayers

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