The Eagle is soaring

Greetings from a beautiful mountainous area of God’s creation. Each team was able to make 2 visits in Chanco today. We were able to follow up with previous visits and share more truths and prayer. One of the teams was humbled and honored during a visit to the poorest family in town. This family is working so hard to provide food to survive. The man of the house came in from working the fields and was eating breakfast at 9 am. Pablo was concerned we were disturbing him and was blown away when he got up from the table and ran down the road to purchase ice cream from the ice cream man for Erik, Tate, Kristen and Pablo! We were all amazed by this act of sacrifice and appreciation for the visiting group. We want you to know the people are happy we are taking the time to share God’s love with them.

We were able to teach a Bible lesson and play with the children at school during recess. It was great to hear the principal say they start each day with a prayer. When asked how many people pray before eating their meals 95% of the kids raised their hands. It has not rained in 17 days and many people’s corn crops have failed. We were sad to hear that Paco’s family had to move because they could not survive here. Another family was helping them out when they had extra food, but it was not enough. Please join us in prayer for soaking rains and God’s blessing on their crops.

At 1:15 we said our goodbyes to the people we have grown to love in Chanco and went down the road to a town FBC/LP Mission groups have not visit before named Corral De Peidres which means circle of rocks. David Miller had not seen the town leader for 3 years, but he allowed all 10 of us onto his porch to visit. David made it clear that we wanted to share God’s love and salvation as an option to the townspeople. The guys all sat near the man and fellowshipped while the ladies visited with his 82 year old mother. He gave us permission to visit today and return if we notified him when we arrive in town and plan to visit.   The first house we tried to visit had Jehovah’s witnesses there, but after the visit they sought us out and asked us to come to their house the next time we come to town. Jenna, Dave, Pablo, and Kristen visited a lady that is a Christian. She was so thrilled to meet fellow believers and shared her concerns about her children reading Christian materials. Her husband is Catholic and they have not been able to agree on this. The team left her a “Children’s Story Bible” that should be perfect.

Thank you so much for your prayers for fruit and safety as we feel God’s hand protecting us. God is great all the time!

In Christ’s service,

Sharon Goodson for the team

2 thoughts on “The Eagle is soaring

  1. Praise the Lord! It seems like you all had a great day. Thank you for the great blog posts! Keep up the great work team! Praying!

  2. Great work team! Thank you for fulfilling the great commission and for continuing the work in Chanco – I love those people and miss them! Also, I miss that Guatemalan food its muy bien. Keep up the good work – and Karly, bring us back some good stories to share in FirstWave!

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