Our 2015 October Guatemala Team!


We have another team that we’ve sent off to serve among the Ch’orti’ people in Guatemala! They have just landed in the Atlanta airport and will fly to Guatemala City shortly. Pray for them as they serve this week in several villages alongside our IMB missionaries, David & Regina White. They will be sharing the gospel and encouraging national believers. At night they will be showing a film throughout several villages that depict the story of Scripture from creation to Christ! We are longing to see people come from death to life this week and for those who already know Christ to fall more in love with him. Pray Jesus’ Name to be glorified and for Him to be worshipped among this people group.

October Guatemala Team

Please pray for the team members by name this week- Jimmy Meetze, Anne Bond, Erin McCance, David & Kristen Patrick, Curtis Waldron, and Daniel Burton.

Check back soon for more updates from the Team!


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