We’re here!

Hey friends & family!

We are here. The mountains are beautiful, the rain is nice, and the weather is actually a little cool … at least for now! Our flights went well and our translator Pablo & his father Gustavo picked us up from the airport. We then had lunch at Pollo Campero – YUM! After lunch, it was back in the van for 5 hours … conversation was great and the ride was good. David & Regina White met us with smiles as we arrived at the hotel. Traveling, though long, has been easy and we are so thankful for your prayers at home!

Tonight we plan to have dinner at the hotel and spend time looking forward to the week ahead. We’ll have a devotion, some worship & prayer before a good night’s sleep!

We’ll post every day, as long as the wi-fi holds out, to let you all know how the Lord has directed our steps and used our team. Again, thank you for praying already … and Keep It Up!

We love y’all, Kristen

6 thoughts on “We’re here!

  1. So thankful for safe arrivals. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this week Praying for continued safety and Gods will. 🙏

  2. Praying that you and those you meet are a blessing to Our Lord glorifying His name through your boldness and humility.

    With love and prayer from SC.

    The Gunns

  3. You look like such an enthusiastic group! I can’t help but feel people there will be affected by your enthusiasm and want to have what you do, at least that’s how I’m praying.

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