Day One On The Mountain

This is my first adventure outside of the US on a mission trip and it has been a paradox, a land that is beautiful and a poverty that is painful. The great news is that God is at work and FBC/LifePark has boots on the ground here in Chanco, Guatemala. My day started @ 2:45am which is a normal wake up time for me on the east coast of the US but two hours early in Guatemala… to add to my sleep depravation my roommate DB’sIMG_0351, no names here, alarm went off @ 4:15am. He promptly got up and took a shower two hours early yelled it’s 6:15 time to get up and get going. So between Darth Vader and DB there wasn’t much sleep to be had in room 42. Guess who was first in line for coffee this morning? Breakfast was served @ 7:15am… but not your typical eggs, bacon & grits SC style breakfast. We had eggs, black beans, goat cheese and fruit, which didn’t look nearly as appetizing as it was – muy bueno, muy bueno. Kristen shared the morning devotion about finding time for our own quiet time during the week. Right after breakfast we prayed and loaded up for 30 minute ride to Chanco. Did I mention the rain has followed us from SC? We divided up into three groups to canvas the area and to visit with families handing out flyers. The flyers were to let everyone know about the movie “The Hope” we will be showing tomorrow night! The people are so loving and sweet, for the most part they are subsistent farmers who live very simple lives. They are very grateful for all we have done in the past, including the gift of food to help them get through a bad drought last season and hugs and prayers we gave out during our visits today. Not everyone was excited to see us but our message did not change, one of love, faith and the good news. I personally want to thank God and FBC for giving us this opportunity to serve.IMG_20151019_131232618 (1)

I would also like to ask my English teacher friends at CCPS to please forgive me.

Grace and peace to you,

Jimmy Meetze

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