Getting “The Hope” to Chanco and Corral de Piedras

After a hearty Guatemalan breakfast we ventured back up the mountain to Coral de Piedras, the village just below Chanco on the way back to Chiquimula.  Our objective in the morning was to distribute fliers to the residents inviting them to come view the film “The Hope” tomorrow evening.

We have never been in Corral de Piedras but Miguel had spoken to the mayor and gotten permission for us to visit DSCF1456and show the film.  We split into 2 teams and canvassed as many houses as we could.  We did not know what kind of reception we would get but most people were very inviting and we made some new friends among the villagers.  We were encouraged because we met 2 families that have a strong Christian background and faith.  We are praying for a good turnout tomorrow for the film.  After an alfresco lunch on the de Piedras school’s front porch we went back to the hotel for a short rest period before returning to the mountain to show “The Hope” in Chanco at 5:30 pm. (7:30 pm EST).

IMG_0357Up the mountain again we traveled to Chanco that afternoon!  We had a full house for the showing of the film.  Just as the last family was leaving the rain we had expected to fall on us all day finally came pouring down.  We made it back down the mountain and into Chiquimula just in time to get Erin and pizzasoaked going into our pizza restaurant.  We downed 4 pitchers of soda and ate 9 pizzas in record time before retiring for the night.(Our sausage pizza looked suspiciously like a beanie-weenie pizza!)

DSCF1452Please lift up the country of Guatemala and the region around Chiquimula. There has been a 2 year long drought that has effected the ability of the people to be able to feed themselves.  Harvest of the spring crops has been disappointing and many villagers have had to purchase food that they would normally grow themselves.

Today it was encouraging to see that even in areas we have not been in before that God’s Hope goes before us.  Please lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ that are the minority in their villages.  Ask God to give them the strength to stand firm in His word so that they can Shine His Hope, Jesus Christ, throughout their villages for the glory of God’s name.

In Cristo hay espernza,

Anne Bond

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