Jimmy for President!

Lunch in Pollo Campero - a Guatemalan staple!
Lunch in Pollo Campero – a Guatemalan staple!

So this is how the day went…we ate, we drove, we almost died in traffic, we ate, we played a cut-throat game of “ABC” in the van, we drove, we almost died in traffic, we ate, we prayed…see you tomorrow! Haha just kidding!

Because there is not much to divulge about our day of traveling, I wanted to touch on something very important that we, as a team, have witnessed. As a church, we have been working with Miguel (a national who lives in Chanco), and each team has had a chance to encourage and pour into him. However, this team was able to see a lot of prayers answered. Miguel was saved a few years back, and felt led to share the Gospel with everyone he came into contact with, including his family. He has struggled with confidence in sharing about Jesus because of how he was raised and because he did not feel that he was “good enough” to become a spiritual leader (haven’t we all??).

Miguel is wearing a red shirt.
Miguel is wearing a red shirt.

To start the week off in the mountain, Miguel nonchalantly told us he was baptized last Saturday AND that he has been accepted into a seminary which is free of cost for him!!!!! We celebrated with him while he showed us his new student ID and told us about his first classes. We could see his confidence growing and great joy in his face because we were excited for him. The power of the Lord was flowing through him and it was incredible to witness. Later that day, David, Daniel, and I were blessed to witness Miguel teaching from the Bible to a new believer, Christian. Miguel felt led to share a part of his testimony with Christian and his family about physical healing from God, but tied in the fact that what is most important is spiritual healing. He had Christian bring his bible out and showed him where to find a few verses. Miguel also took out a highlighter and marked the verses he really wanted Christian to focus on this week! Amazing leadership!

When we were in Corral de Piedras, Miguel took leadership in being involved with the children as they came to hear bible stories, play games, and sing songs. Being able to witness how the children and their parents in Corral de Piedras responded to Miguel’s teaching, and seeing the joy that Miguel was able to share with the people of that village is something that cannot be described in words.

The time with Miguel this week has been such a blessing from God! This partnership in Guatemala has not been an easy one. There have been so many different obstacles and hurdles, but God’s timing is perfect. Our team has been able to see our wonderful Father raising up this precious man to be a warrior for him!

Thank you for praying for our work without exactly knowing what you were praying for – we’ve been able to see fruit this week and are hopeful that this report was encouraging to you at home!

Jimmy for President!
Jimmy for President!

ps- Apparently “Jimmy” is running for president here … we’re questioning their judgment around these parts!

See you tomorrow! ~Erin & Kristen

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