New Connection with Believers in Nearar, Guatemala

It is already Thursday and our team has finished its mission and is preparing to return home. We have experienced many things that we will surely try to convey to our family and friends as best we can. We have had the opportunity to encourage believers, speak the truth to many who may have never heard before our trip, and received many blessings along the way. The Lord has been working through our team in ways we could not have anticipated.DSCF1644

After visiting a church in Jocotan, where we met the pastor and prayed with him, we split into two teams to follow up with a couple of people from Chonco that we had spoken with earlier in the week and felt we needed to go deeper. We were able to
pray over Christian in Chonco for his health and to encourage him in his NEW DSCF1674found faith in Jesus Christ!!! The other team visited Elsa and prayed for her health as well.
Two of our team members lead a service in a village we had not previously visited near Nearar. Jimmy and David taught the lesson of the Prodigal Son and Pablo interpreted for them. The lesson was well received by both the Guatemalan’s and our team.   It was so moving, encouraging, and a little convicting to see people go through so much effort to praise God and gather to uplift and strengthen one another.


I know all of our families have sacrificed greatly, financially and in missing us, to allow us the opportunity to serve our God in the field. Thank you so much for all of your love and prayers. Please continue the prayers as we head home and more importantly, never stop praying for the people in Guatemala.  Curtis Waldron

2 thoughts on “New Connection with Believers in Nearar, Guatemala

  1. It has been so great to read all of the blog posts.

    Your posts are simply a sampling of the stories that you will carry with you the rest of your lives. The stories of challenges and great moments that will become common ground for all who were there to experience them.

    I do believe that as we come and go from the lives of the people in Guatemala, we leave stories with people there. The stories are born from the shared experiences. The common shared experiences grow and become part of the community experience.

    Your presence matters. The continued presence of the Church matters. Thank you to the whole team for keeping the blog going. Many people are reading it even though few are commenting. (Myself included).

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