Yes, We Are Still Alive!

Good news! We are alive and well. 🙂

We’re sorry we haven’t had a chance to post to the blog, but we’ve been without Internet while here in Salinopolis.

Thank you for your prayers this week. Our time with the families has been so sweet. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the missionaries and their kids (MKs), spending time studying the Word and relaying how everything in the Bible points to Jesus, and playing some silly games. They’ve kept us on our toes!

Today in our smaller groups, one of the MKs mentioned how our time together has been like church to her. So many of the kids attend church in Portuguese and have a hard time understanding the sermons. Other than time with their families, they do not have a chance to be around other American believers very often. Most of the MKs know each other from other cluster meetings and truly enjoy time with each other.

Right now, we’re getting ready to offer childcare for the evening so parents can enjoy a nice, quiet meal and time with other adults.

We’ll need to close for now, but please pray over the families in the photo below and remember these missionaries and their children as they continue in their meetings this week.

We hope everyone you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Yes, We Are Still Alive!

  1. What a beautiful crew. Pray you continue to see the blessings of being with our missionaries and know they are being blessed by you. You will have a different Thanksgiving but truly be thankful one.

    Joy and Happy Thanksgiving~~~


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