Back from Brazil!

Our team arrived back in the States yesterday morning. We wanted to thank you so much for your prayers. They were felt! We had a great week spending time with the missionaries and their kids.

Because we were without internet for the week, we weren’t able to post very often. However, I wanted to give you the highlights of the week. Tuesday through Friday the missionaries had meetings and times of training from about 8:30-2:30pm. During this time, our team hung out with their kids. We played games, got to know them, and studied the Scriptures together.

The kids were broken up into 3 groups. Group 1 included the kiddos birth-4 years old. Group 2 included 5-10 year olds. And Group 3 included 11-16 year olds. We studied Creation & Fall (Genesis 3), Abraham & Isaac (Genesis 22), the life of Paul (Acts 26), and the Promise in Revelation (Revelation 5).

We were blessed to add Chelsea  and Todd to our team. Chelsea is a Hands-On student who is serving in Brazil for the semester and Todd is from a church in KY looking to partner with workers in Brazil. They were a blessing and quickly became like family to us. IMG_0635

Dave, Jo, and Larry Edney (Jonathan’s dad) spent time with the 5-10 year olds (Group 2).  Here the kids are doing crafts that went along with their Bible story each day. Some of the crafts included building the New Jerusalem that we see in Revelation and making the lamb/ram that God provided in Genesis 22 in the story of Abraham and Isaac. IMG_0649IMG_0593IMG_0596

With the teenagers (Group 3), we taught them the Sword Method (a way of studying passages in the Bible). We gave them 30 minutes each morning alone with Jesus so they could read the passage for that day and answer questions on their own. Our goal was to teach them the over-arching story of Scripture and to help them see Jesus in each passage. We had some really sweet time with the teenagers studying Scripture, in small groups, and teaching them lots of new games (including Mafia, Assassins, and Steal the Bacon)!  11148326_756674052826_4324982664442116067_n

Our team was also able to provide a couple date nights for the parents. On Wednesday and Friday nights from 6-9 we fed the kids dinner, made some popcorn and watched a movie, and played games.

I think I can speak for the team when I say that one of our favorite parts of the trip was watching the kids just be together. They aren’t able to be together very often and so the time they had together was very precious.

Personally, one of my favorite moments was being in small group with our 4 teen girls. They were hungry for God’s Word and for fellowship. On day 3 we taught on Acts 26 about Paul’s testimony before King Agrippa. We used this story to teach them how to share their story with others. It was sweet to see some of them really get into wanting to write out their own story of how God saved them. We challenged them to share their story with their friends in Brazil that don’t know Jesus.

Our team had a great week and we are thankful for your prayers! We were privileged to get to know these families and spend time with their kids. Continue to pray with us that the Lord would use these families for the sake of His glory throughout Brazil!

Until All Hear!

Liz (for the Brazil Team)



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