Beginning our 4th Year Partnering in Guatemala!

Our January 2016 Guatemala TeamJanuary Guatemala Team

Jennifer Lively, Liz Eckbreth, Gina Romanelli, Heather Waldrop, Alan Blunt, Mike Able-not pictured

It’s that time again! Six of us will be leaving this Sunday, January 24 to serve alongside our IMB partners, the Whites, until Saturday, January 30.

It is exciting for me to think of what God has done in Guatemala through countless teams that have been sent out from our church family over the past few years. When we first began working among the Ch’orti’ people (a UPG) in the village of Chancó, the people of that village actually didn’t want us to come. But once they heard we would be bringing a medical team, they allowed us to be there. They did, however, give us strict instruction not to talk about Jesus.

Because of the blessing the village received through our medical team, doors were opened for us to continue going. Increasingly, Chancó has become more open to the gospel and there are now a handful of believers that are faithfully reading their Bibles. Our prayer continues to be that the Lord would unite these believers to begin studying God’s Word together and that eventually there would be a healthy, indigenous church in the village of Chancó.

While our teams are continuing to serve in Chancó, we’ve also expanded into other villages of the Ch’orti’ people. We work alongside our IMB partners, David & Regina White, to help them share the gospel and encourage believers. Please pray that our team would be able to encourage this sweet family.


Please also pray for our team. We’ll plan on visiting several villages in order to share the gospel and encourage believers. We constantly are looking for ways to be a blessing to the people. Our team will be offering to take family pictures for those in the villages. Many of the people do not have nice family pictures and our hope is to offer this service to them. Hopefully this will be a blessing to them and offer us a chance to meet some families that perhaps we’ve not met in some of these villages.

Many of the Ch’orti’ live without any hope, thinking if they are good enough they can know God and go to heaven. Our primary goal is to build relationships with them that are meaningful so that we can share the hope of Christ with them. Our prayer is that every Ch’orti’ on those beautiful mountains will know the hope and righteous that Christ offers freely!

Please pray for the Whites, our team, and the Ch’orti’ as we serve this coming week!

One thought on “Beginning our 4th Year Partnering in Guatemala!

  1. We love y’all and will be praying for courage to share the love of Christ with those who don’t know Him!

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