We had a great day of smooth travel and have finally arrived safely at our hotel in Chiquimula! By far, my favorite part of our travel days is hearing each team member’s long testimony. We always ask each team member to share their life story as we drive the 4ish hours from Guatemala City to Chiquimula. It helps us get to know one another better and really unites us as a team. As we each share, we are able to celebrate the ways God has been so faithful to bring each of us from death to life. It also allows us to work better together as we share the gospel.

As we begin meeting people tomorrow, please pray with me that the Lord would divinely place people in our path that will resonate with some of our stories. Our hope is that through our time among the Ch’orti’, the Lord would be made much of and bring more people to Himself!

Until All Hear!


One thought on “Arrived!

  1. So glad to hear you have arrived safely. Praying God will use you all mightily this week. Give the Whites some hugs from me.

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