Meeting Old and New Friends


Hello, everyone!!! We had an amazing first day in Chanco. Jennifer’s old friend, Tom the Turkey, came to visit as soon as we arrived in the village this morning. He turned blue and made a wonderfully terrifying sound! He just wanted to say hi!

During their recess break, we had a chance to play with students and share the story of Daniel and the Lions Den. One game was based on “rock, paper, scissors,” but the kids were to choose Daniel (praying hands), the rulers (shaking fist), or the lions (angry paws up). They chose a partner and, on the count of three, turned around to show their symbol. Daniel beats the lion, the lion beat the ruler, the ruler beats Daniel…you get the picture. It was a lot of fun, but most of the kids just wanted to be the lion.

Then we made our way to some homes for a round of visits. One of our goals for this trip is to offer to take photos of the families as a keepsake for them and I purpose for us to visit them in the future. They were very receptive to the idea.

We had great communication and were able to pray with the people in the homes we entered. There were many health issues, and people were very open with their concerns and requests. They asked us to pray for very specific needs. This was so encouraging.

We had lunch and then made a team plan for the afternoon. Some stayed behind to take photos of the families that came to get their pictures taken. The rest of the  group went to Ramirro’s house and spent a good bit of time there. He is in a lot of physical pain and was open to us talking to him and sharing stories from the Bible. We prayed for him and he was very thankful.

We had a great time with the team after dinner, and the ladies spent some time afterward playing Phase Ten with Regina. Please continue to pray for us as we move on to day two. The family photos are a bigger hit then we thought!

In His name,


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