Day 2 on the Mountain

So, here we are hanging out in the lobby of our hotel (where the Wi-Fi signal is) after a long day in Chancó. It’s currently about 11:15 local time, and we started our day at 7:30 this morning. After breakfast, I shared a devotion about being an ambassador for God (2 Corinthians 5:18-21) and living as “children of the light.” (Ephesians 4:17-27.) We boarded the trucks for Chancó just after breakfast and divided into groups to make some morning visits. Liz, Gina, and Mike went with David (and Cruz) while Jennifer, Heather, and Alan went with Miguel and Regina (and Ben). Our goal was to visit a few more homes to spread the word about the photo opportunity later in the day. In all, we visited three families before 10 am. Some were old friends, like Elsa and Marta, and some were new friends, like Linda and her precious two-year-old daughter.

The two teams joined back up at the school to spend time with the children at recess. We shared a story and game with them just like yesterday. The students were very happy to see us again – and we were thrilled to spend time with them, as well. Heather and Miguel shared the story of the “buried treasure” and explained that Jesus is the best treasure we could ever receive. After that, the children chose a partner, and then one led the other, blindfolded partner through an obstacle course (which happened to be made up of Americans!). The finish line for each pair was a closed box with a treasure inside. Once everyone had a chance to go through the course, the treasure was revealed. It was a shiny new soccer ball – and it was being kicked around on the field within two seconds of its reveal!

We also took a class photo of the students with their teacher, which David and Miguel will have printed for the teacher/principal in the coming weeks. We took other photos, as well, both there at the school and in people’s homes. We trust that the delivery of the photos will provide another opportunity for David and Miguel to revisit homes and share the Gospel.


After lunch at the well, we broke into two teams and visited more homes. Between the two groups, we visited with about nine more families this afternoon. We shared our own stories, retold stories from the Bible, and spent a great deal of time in prayer for the families. Chancó holds a special place in many of our hearts, and we count it a huge blessing to be in the company of the people in that village.

The Whites graciously invited us to their home (which is on the same property as the hotel) for some delicious Little Caesars pizza (seriously!). After supper, we sang a few worship songs and listened to Mike’s devotion about finding satisfaction in God alone and not in worldly things. The fellas headed off to rest, while the ladies joined Regina for a feisty game of Phase 10. (Don’t worry, we’ve repented.) ; )

Tomorrow, we’ll be moving on. Our tentative plan is to visit a village near Chancó and spend time with the children there. We may visit homes in the afternoon, or head to another village – we’ll just have to see where the Lord leads us!

Please continue to pray for our team and the work we are doing. So far, everyone is in good health and good spirits. We are excited to see where the week takes us!

Thanks so much for reading! We feel you with us!



3 thoughts on “Day 2 on the Mountain

  1. Love hearing your stories and how God is using each of you! So wish I were with you! “Go ye therefor and teach all nations…”. So grateful for your obedience to this call!

  2. I felt like I got to experience the buried treasure game too! Thanks for posting and for the cute pic. Debby

  3. So excited about the work The Lordi is doing thru the Team. Blessings and good rest. You know you all will be specially prayed for tonight.

    Joy as you walk with Him~~~Libby 😇😇😇

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