“We almost had a hot-attack!” (-JLive)

*Read the title with a Bostonian accent*

The heat is intense, but so is God’s presence, and I know this team would not have it any other way! We are all very blessed and thankful to be participating in this mission trip and seeing God work in these villages. This morning, I led a devotional on Luke 15:11-24, which illustrates God’s love for his children through the parable of the prodigal son. After breakfast, the whole team visited the village of Corral de Piedras, including people from ages three to ninety-four.

The first house we visited was the home of a mother and her five-year-old son, Renaldo. He loves to practice English, so we taught him how to say some colors and animals. After his lesson, Miguel read him the story “The beginning: a Perfect Home” out of the Jesus Storybook Bible. Renaldo had never heard that story. It was quite amazing for the team and me to be able to share this story with him and for us to see how much interest he showed when listening. After the reading, Renaldo accompanied us to a local school.

The school visit was definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. The children at the school, no matter their ages, were excited to see us, which was a wonderful feeling. Today, it was my turn to read a story with the children and play a game that complemented the story. I chose “Heaven Breaks Through” which explains the story of John the Baptist. The children were so welcoming and unbelievably happy, which just filled our hearts with joy.


This visit in particular touched everyone’s heart in some way. We spoke with an elderly man, James, who is ninety-four. He was in a lot of physical pain and does not feel that he has much more time to live. It is remarkable to see a man who is in a lot of pain and suffering still manage to show hospitality to strangers instead of being angry and frustrated.

Please keep Renaldo and James in your prayers.

The team and I are incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to spread His Word. What amazes me the most is that not even a language barrier can prevent His Word from being spread across the globe. This is our mission, and we are sticking to it!


P.S. I just won Phase 10 (card game). This officially makes me the target for the rest of the trip…
Editor’s note (aka Liz): Gina wrote this too soon… I actually won Phase 10! 🙂


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