Rejoicing with Believers!

From Thursday, January 28th:

The Lord blessed our team today with much cooler weather. Just after breakfast, we started to a new village, La Libertad, to meet with believers and offer encouragement. They have a well-built church to hold service in, not like we had seen in earlier visits. We all had time to share scripture and offer encouragement. Having Alan on our team to play the guitar and lead us in songs of worship helped to lift their spirits and ours as well. We were able to take pictures for most of those that attended. David White and Miguel will deliver these in the coming weeks.

Next, we visited with Nicholas, a man that had led the group of believers some time ago, but had become ill. We hiked to his home, basically a mud hut, and it was not an easy trail for us newbies. He is suffering and we all had much compassion for him as Alan shared his testimony.

We stopped for lunch next to a running river and enjoyed our turkey sandwich or peanut butter and jelly… or for some… both. Our next visit was an hour away in the village Muyurco where we met a group of believers. David and Regina hold Bible study there every Thursday. We were to help and encourage them by leading the Bible study and by teaching and playing with the kids.

We arrived around 2:15 but had to wait until the owners arrived to begin. In the meantime, Heather and Gina began to play with the kids. The group seemed to grow to nearly 20 kids and they had a blast. After about an hour, Anacleto, the owner who is also one of the leaders, arrived. He opened in prayer and then asked to play the team guitar. He led the group in several songs of worship before we began our Bible study. Meanwhile, Heather, Gina, and Alan taught the kids the story of Jairus’ daughter and her miraculous healing. We hope their spirits were as lifted as ours.





Friday, January 29th: 

Please pray for our team as we head to the airport very early tomorrow morning. We are tired but our hearts are full from a great week with the Whites!


One thought on “Rejoicing with Believers!

  1. The boys have been so sad today without you. They have told me numerous times how much they miss all of you. Thank you all for coming and sharing your lives this week. You were a blessing to the Guatemalan people and a huge blessing and encouragement to our family. We love each of you and look forward to the day that we can serve alongside you again.

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