India: Spring 2016

India Team (April 2016)

(Liz Eckbreth, Hillary Holder, Josh Driscoll, Susan Chagrin, Dave Gowdown, & Brandon Hicks)

Our team of 6 will serve in India from March 31-April 10. As we leave tomorrow, please pray our travel will be smooth and that we’ll make all of our flight connections! This is the first team FBC has sent since our national partners began a  Church Planting training with 160+ men and women.

These Indian men & women are going through a curriculum called The Timothy Initiative. They have already studied through the following books: Disciples making Disciples, Hermeneutics, Homiletics, and now they are studying Church Planting and the Book of Acts. Our church family helped purchase the set of books for these men and women! Each month the students meet in 11 different centers, throughout 3 different states in Northern India.

This program began in January 2015 and we will graduate our first students in January 2018! A requirement of graduation is that each student plant at least 1 healthy church in North India. If our current students faithfully continue, Lord willing, we will see over 150 new churches started by January 2018!

Our team will be checking in on these trainings and serve as an encouragement to the students. Our team will visit 6 of the 11 centers. Our prayer is for a team to be sent from our church in the fall, to visit the other 5 centers!

Is the Lord calling you to serve on our Fall 2016 Team?

It is such a huge privilege to go and visit our Indian brothers and sisters and to see how the Lord is using them to declare His glory among the foothills of the Himalayans! Pray that we might be effective as we try to share the gospel with non-believers in Delhi. And as we spend time with believers in Northern India, pray we can be a source of encouragement for them to continue boldly sharing the gospel, making disciples, and planting churches!

Until All Hear,


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