8,000 Action Figures

From Tuesday:

In case you did not read yesterday’s blog carefully enough, we saw a leopard yesterday! I legitimately could have peed my pants (or linen pants and kurta) out of excitement. Liz said it was the Lord telling me I need to come back to India.

Anyways, I just wanted y’all all to know how rare a leopard citing is, especially in the area. It was amazing. But today was pretty awesome as well!

City 3 where Brother E lives is absolutely beautiful. Our room had an unbelievable view…mountains & river. We were even close enough to the river for the rushing sounds to lull us to sleep. It was such a sweet time because we stayed at Brother E’s home with his family. His wife and children are beautiful and the older girls are really growing in their knowledge of the Word. Even at a young age they are faithful to share the Good News with their friends.


Training today went even smoother than yesterday. We all worked together and those who were participating in the training really seemed engaged today. There were several times when we asked people to read out loud. My favorite was when some of the children would be ready to read as soon as it was asked of them. It was a beautiful thing to see people of all ages learning together, reading Scripture together, and taking notes. Please be praying for Brother E and his family. Ask the Lord to provide his youngest with an admission to school. This is a concern for him and his family as there does not seem to be an available option as of yet. Additionally, pray for the Gospel to go forth. Ask the Lord to open up conversations, especially with their neighbors because most of their neighbors are Hindus.

Dave & Susan teaching what Scripture says about being a godly husband or wife. 

In fact, there is a temple a stones through away from Brother E’s home. It was incredibly sobering this morning to be having my quiet time (Isaiah 64 – Go read it!) looking out at the Lord’s creation and here the bell ringing. Here in India, people ring the bell to wake up the gods. As I sat worshipping the living God, I was reminded of the millions all over India who woke up to “wake up” and worship idols, which are basically glorified giant stationary action figures.

Please pray for this country. Pray for the Holy Spirit to make the blind see and the deaf hear. As you pray remember that our God is alive and listening… you never have to wake Him up.

Thank you for praying so patiently.


P.S. – Some secret messages for a few of you praying specifically for me:

  1. I have read exactly 2 letters.
  2. The essential oils have come in handy for the whole team in a multitude of ways.
  3. I have eaten 2 almond butter packs and am rationing my last one for a special treat.
Those who attended our training in City 3.
This brother is one of E’s neighbors. He became a believer less than 2 years ago, enrolled in our Church Planting Initiative Training, and has already planted his first church! He works in the government and is boldly sharing the gospel and passing out copies of the Bible to his coworkers! Please pray for this dear brother!
Some of our team down by the river with some of E’s family.
E’s kids are on winter break. But they still have a teacher come to work with them in the afternoons. Here they are having a lesson on the balcony of their home. 
Some of the beautiful views! You can’t tell in this picture- but from here you can see the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. 

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