8,000 Mustaches!

Hi prayer warriors!

First of all- we are so sorry we haven’t been able to post in almost a week. We’ve been in places without internet until now. We are back in Delhi and have had a really amazing week. We have a lot of things to share with you… so we are going to periodically post the blogs we’ve written but haven’t been able to upload. Here is the first from Sunday:

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a very busy day. We headed out early yesterday morning, road the Metro to downtown, and had the opportunity to catch a rickshaw, and went to the Muslim Mosque. We were all surprised at how many people were sleeping in the temple, and how few people were praying. We left there and walked through Delhi back to the Metro. We took the metro to another part of the city to see the Hindu temple. It was heart breaking to see all of the people there that were bowing down to idols and worshiping things made by human hands. While leaving the Hindu temple, we gave cookies and crackers to the beggars that were outside the temple. They were very appreciative of the food that they received, and stole Joshua’s soda pop. That night, the team had an evening devotional and turned in for the night.

One of the highlights of our time in Delhi was meeting a believer on one of our metro rides! We were trying to practice our Hindi on some little kids in the metro when he began helping us communicate with them. Almost immediately he began sharing that he is a believer involved in discipleship training and church planting! He is a young guy in his 20s who lives in Delhi but is from one of the areas we will be visiting. It was a huge encouragement to us to meet an Indian who wants to see the Lord’s name made known! He also gave us his pastor’s name from his hometown so that we can try and contact him while we are there. Please pray for this brother in Delhi!

Today the team had a short flight to the second city of the trip. We had a wonderful worship service this morning with one of the local churches. Then this afternoon we had some great training led by Joshua and David. It was also great to hear some of the stories and testimonies given by some of the people. It was also very nice to see the men and women wanting to pray with us after the training.

In this particular city, there have been 2 house churches that have been planted since The Timothy Training Initiative began last January. Included are 15 new believers! This is pretty incredible considering there are only 10 students in the training and this is a very hard area! Pray for these new believers to grow in their faith and to be strong in the Word of God.

We are learning a lot from each other and from the friends we make along the way. The team had a devotional tonight that also included some singing with one of our brothers. We look forward to another great day tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers.




(Hindi word of the day: Mustache = “Mooch”)

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