8,000 Modes of Transportation

Hello everyone! We are back in the U.S. sitting in the airport in New York. What an amazing week and a half we had in India! We are so thankful for all of your prayers for us over the past 10 days. God did some awesome things!

Yesterday we were in Delhi and went shopping to get some souvenirs for our family and friends. While there, half of our team were able to share Jesus with a muslim man, and the other half were able to share with two others! I was with Dave and Susan at a table with Umar and Yusra who are students pursuing their master’s degrees. They were super nice people and we spent about two hours sharing our faith in Jesus and hearing their beliefs of Islam. They shared a lot about their faith and wanted to say that we believed the same things. We pointed out two big differences to them: 1. We believe that Jesus died and paid the price for our sins so that through faith in Him, we can be saved. 2. We believe that Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are God.

It was a great time as the spirit of the conversation was great, and we exchanged info so we can stay in contact! I met a young man from Malaysia on my flight today and we discussed Jesus as well. He is a Roman Catholic, but His faith is in Jesus! It’s amazing how many gospel conversations we were able to have over this past 10 days. God has been faithful to bless our team with good health, great conversations to share our faith, and awesome brothers and sisters to encourage in the faith.

We visited 5 states, 6 centers, 3 countries, 4 hotels, rode a bicycle rickshaw, auto rickshaw, car, van, bus, night-train, metro train, motorcycle, saw a leopard, monkeys, sheep, goats, cows in the street, shared the gospel with over a dozen non-believers, and trained over 200 believers in India on Discipleship, marriage, Bible study, godly living, evangelism, and church planting. The goal is for every student to plant a church when they finish their training, which would mean over 150 church plants in India by 2018!

We’re about to board our flight to Charleston now! Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in India as they face persecution, beatings, and strong opposition to the gospel. The pastors that we worked with are awesome men of God with amazing wives, and I know that they would appreciate your prayers as they fight to share the gospel in a very dark land.


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