Hey everyone!! This is Tinsley Hallman and Gibbs Wiksell, and we are really excited for the opportunity we have to join the Jones family in Saipan this summer. Most people have never heard of Saipan, but it is a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, near Guam.

Over the next 2 months we will be partnering with the Jones and helping them in their ministry. What this exactly looks like we aren’t sure of yet, but we are excited to see how God uses us and where He leads us.

Gibbs is also going to be working in the local hospital on the island, learning and shadowing alongside the nurses there.

We are going to be staying in one of the churches that the Jones family has planted, Kagman Community Church.We are fully expectant for the Lord to show us and lead us as we arrive on the island, but we would love for y’all to partner with us in prayer as we leave tomorrow morning.

Some things y’all can be praying for:

-For safety in traveling and while we are there.

-For vision in knowing what all God wants us to do there. We don’t know exactly what we will be doing, but pray that we will be able to see the needs and what God wants us doing.

-That we will figure out how to reach the people, how to get the gospel message to them so that they understand and really know grace and the true gospel.

-That we will grow spiritually and learn better how to trust God and his plan completely and let him have control. And just grow closer to him in wisdom and understanding of who He is.

-For both Kagman community church and Church 360 that it will grow and lead people to Christ.

We are both really excited to start this awesome adventure tomorrow morning! We will try and update this blog at least once a week, and would love for you to keep up with us!

In Christ,

Tinsley and Gibbs



5 thoughts on “SAIPAN

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to pray with you on this journey! Love to you both…I will be praying. Jan

  2. Praying today that you are aware of God’s presence all around you and that you can tell He has gone before you to prepare for your time in Siapan. Praying for His protection and provision every single day you are there.

  3. Praying today that you both are a historical, kingdom building blessing for everyone you meet. While we may or may not ever learn the all the reasons God has called you to Saipan, for a time such as this, we do know He can do much with very little. Your time there will go by so fast, but your impact can last for a lifetime. So often we read about people who are well known for changing history in some way, and learn that it was small encounters that let to them having a huge impact on a country or the world.

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