Jet lag is real!

So we began our travel across the world on Thursday morning at the Charleston airport. We had a total of 6 different flights, the longest being 14 hours (NY to Tokyo). We were a little nervous about all of the switching and long plane rides and everything, but God really blessed us and it all went really smoothly!!

So 36 hours, 1 sunset and 2 days later, we finally made it to Saipan. Unfortunately our luggage didn’t make the trip that day but we were able to figure it out and come back and get it all the next day.

Joy and Rose picked us up around 4am and we finally got in the bed around 5:30. We both slept till about noon and then Billy and William gave us a fun tour of the island! We ate spicy Thai food, ran into a huge pack of Chinese tourists (that we now know are everywhere on the island), learned some history and saw some awesome views.

Later we went to a big festival called Taste of the Marianas. We got to try a ton of authentic island food and saw some island dancing and karate.

Sunday morning we all went to Church 360, one of the Churches that the Jones family runs. Billy preaches, Joy does children’s church and youth, they all lead worship and pretty much do everything that there is to do. Gibbs and I already got to start helping with doing slides and children’s church and transportation and hopefully will get to help with even more as we learn everything.

Church 360 is a good mix of Americans and Koreans and there are around 50 people attending each week (which is pretty large for Christian churches in Saipan). They have seen a lot of growth in this church and are hoping to draw in more of the locals around the area as well.

Sunday afternoon we got to go explore Tank beach some, which is walking distance from their house! I got to snorkel some and I got to see a lionfish, a flounder and tons of other awesome fish.

Kagman Community Church meets on Sunday nights. This is the church that is really close to the Joneses house. This church is trying to reach the Chomorro people living here which is an almost completely unreached people group.

It’s a pretty new church and they are still trying to get the word out about it and work on getting more people to come. We are planning a basketball tournament for next weekend to try and draw more kids and families to come to the church. So please pray that we will have a good turnout and that people will learn about the church and start attending!

We are looking forward to a busy week helping out the Jones family and leaning more about the Churches and how we can serve!


6 thoughts on “Jet lag is real!

  1. Gibbs and Tinsley, glad you are there and settling in. We are praying for you. Let the light of Jesus shine through you!

  2. The Patrick’s are praying for you as well… What a wonderful sacrifice you two are making! God has big plans are we cant wait to keep reading updates to see how it all goes! ~Kristen & David

  3. Praying for you girls! Excited for your heart to serve and share the love of Jesus!!! Keep me posted

  4. Love the update and the pictures! My prayer for you this morning comes from the IF: I BELIEVE study of the Nicene Creed. Week 2, Day 1.

    “In Psalm 139, the psalmist reflects, Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. IF I RISE ON THE WINGS OF DAWN, IF I SETTLE ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE SEA, EVEN THERE YOUR HAND WILL GUIDE ME, YOUR RIGHT HAND WILL HOLD ME FAST.

    The fun thing for me is that I chose this for you two this morning, during my quiet time before reading your blog. Not because you are fleeing. Really the opposite. But because of the line I capitalized. I chose this before knowing the blog entry I would read today would be focused on travel and seeing a sunset (wings of dawn) and the distance (far side of the sea).

    The study goes on to say…
    “Wherever we find ourselves, whatever the state of our hearts might be, we can speak these words in EVERY CORNER OF CREATION, even in the midst of hardship and suffering (or lostness): “God is here.” It is the bold proclamation of the people of God. God is here.”

    My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will protect you from any efforts that the enemy might use to place doubt or to take you off the task of being the tools God is using to make a bold proclamation that “God is here” in Siapan!

    Love you both!
    Ms. Kathy

    1. Wow just saw this!! That is so awesome, God is just so great like to put that as your devotion for the day! LOVE IT! 🙂

      Thanks so much for all the prayer and encouragement! Appreciate it so much!

  5. Praying for you this morning. Psalm 91:11 For He will command His angels concerning you in all your ways.

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