Off to South Dakota!

South Dakota Team.png

Hi Church!

We’ve got another team headed to South Dakota! You’ll remember last May we sent a vision team to explore the possibility of partnering with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to reach First Nations people with the gospel. Our team came back last May sensing confirmation that the Lord did indeed intend for us to partner in this part of the country. However, we also sensed that this partnership was still developing and further groundwork needed to be done before our church stepped in.

Over the last year, NAMB has opened a training center in Rapid City to raise up and train church leaders and church planters. Our prayer is that the Lord would use this center to raise up workers for the harvest- particularly among First Nations people. Our hope is that God would call out church leaders and planters who would see the very real need to make disciples and plant churches among these people.

We’ve specifically been working with Buck Hill who works with NAMB to pray and dream about how the Lord could use FBC to partner with churches in South Dakota and First Nations believers to move forward. Since last May, Buck has pursued folks that may be interested in partnering with us. Our Team plans to meet with some of these people and to continue the conversation about how we can work together so that Jesus’ Name would be known and treasured among a people that is largely forgotten. These people live in our “backyard” and yet very little is being done to reach them.

Please pray for our team as we serve this Saturday, June 4- Wednesday, June 8. Pray for the meetings that we have and for clarity of vision. We desperately want to see the Lord’s direction for our church in this and we know from God’s Word that vision is hugely important (Proverbs 29:18). Pray God would grant clear vision!


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