Adventures and Air Mattresses

For the first week and a half that we have been in Saipan, the Jones family was generous enough to share their home with us. Esther even gave up her bed and Rose had to sleep on the couch! (They’re the best!) So Monday morning Gibbs and I finally moved out and moved into the church only a mile down the road. We cleaned a lot and set up a nice air mattress for us to sleep on. Unfortunately we didn’t find out until the middle of that night that the air mattress had a hole in it, so we ended up on the floor for most of the night. So the next night we tried some band aids to try and fix it but those didn’t work too well and then we tried duct tape but still no luck. BUT tonight our awesome new friends the Stewart family gave us another one! So looking forward to sleep tonight!

Gibbs started at the hospital on Tuesday morning. It was an interesting experience and definitely a “Saipan thing”. The HR lady in charge that told her to come was actually off island so no one really knew what to do with her but she got a tour of the entire hospital and got to meet some interesting people. Thursday was better and she even got to watch a cesarean section! We are thinking she’s going to get to see some pretty cool stuff this summer.

The Stewart boys were nice enough to show us some more of the Island this week as well. We got to go to the Grotto, Bird Island, the radar tower, some local beaches, high school graduation and ate some awesome food. It was so great! There are just endless things to explore on the Island!

Wednesday and Thursday the entire Jones family was able to go to Guam! The kids have only been off the island a couple times since moving here 2 years ago so this was a big treat for all of them and we were so glad they were able to go. Gibbs and I also got to learn how to live like locals during this time as well. We had to go buy power at the store (pre-paid power!), go to the bank, fill up water containers, pay rent and grocery shop! We always get a lot of strange looks from all of the locals throughout all of our errands, both being so tall and white.

We also got to do a lot of cleaning and organizing this week which Gibbs and I actually both enjoy doing, so that’s good!

We sadly had to say goodbye to our new friends the Stewarts today. They are moving back to the US tomorrow. We are so glad to have met them and will miss them tons.

We are leading youth group tomorrow morning again, so pray for our time there and that the Lord will speak through us and help us to clearly share the gospel and His word. And please pray that more high school students will come.

Next week is going to be pretty busy. We are starting some tutoring in Kagman just to help the community and possibly get people introduced to the church. We are also going to help with some babysitting for a family in the church. Gibbs and I are also going to be taking over one of the children’s church classes on Sunday’s. So please be in prayer for all of these things and just that God will guide us and use us in our everyday lives to be a light to the people of Saipan.







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