South Dakota Team: A Blog from Sunday

We are sorry we haven’t posted yet! It has been a busy couple of days so far. We are a bit behind on our blogging but don’t worry, we plan to catch up tomorrow. Tomorrow morning Dr. Hook will post about our day today (Monday). Until then, here is a bit about our day yesterday from Mike:
Sunday our first day in Rapid city we started with a devotional from Liz and breakfast. And as we travel it seems “just around the corner” in South Dakota means a 2 hour drive.  Shortly after breakfast we departed for Edgemont Baptist Church. Dr. Hook was preaching so we arrived a bit early as Buck (our NAMB partner) likes to keep us all on schedule. Being a bit early Charles, David, and myself joined the men’s bible study. It was so funny in that Dr. Hook knocked on the door and stepped into the closet rather than the study. Oh well, we found the right room and enjoyed a great men’s study. Charles preached on what it means to be a lukewarm Christian. Charles brought laughter with a great message (as expected they all enjoyed his football stance). We hope our presence was an encouragement to this church.
SD 1
Edgemont Baptist Church
SD 2
Edgemont Baptist Church
Following, we drove to Sharps Corner to meet Matt, the pastor of another church in South Dakota. He is a young man called by the Lord. They not only have the church but also run a camp that draw 100 youth a day, most of whom are Native Americans. They teach welding and mechanics to the students.
SD 3
A motorcycle the students rebuilt. They unveiled this to the parents a few hours before we visited that day!
I could go on forever on the blessing Matt is for this church and community. We returned to Rapid City spending time in fellowship, devotions, and open discussion of our day. We are still praying about how the Lord wants to use our church here. Please pray for clarity as we continue to have discussions with Buck (and others!)

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