South Dakota: Tuesday

Tuesday, May 7, 2016

We convened at our appointed hour of 7:30 in the hotel coffee shop! We had spent the last several days gathering information and developing our ideas individually and collectively! We were energized to begin work on defining the relationship and further developing a partnership agreement between FBC and The Dakota Baptist Convention. We were very disciplined and struck a strong cord that we needed to have no more than two major goals! Well, 5 hours later we finally have two goals! Scraps of paper and dead bodies litter the floor! The resturant staff has abandoned us and we are left to get our own coffee from the check in area!


imageEnough we agree and head to a fast food chain and continue refining the fine points! Buck finally herds us into his suv and lo and behold Mt Rushmore greets us with a clear warm day! The required photo ops were taken advantage of! No selfies in this group! Liz is the only one who is eligible for a selfie! Generational thing you know! Back to the hotel for a Perkins dinner! I need to find some new friends for these mission trips!! We did get a chance to sing a few stanzas of “Home on the Range” to Dr. Hook! I forgot to ask if he knows how to ride a horse! This will make more sense when you get a chance to review the agreement!!

– Ron

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