Halfway There!

So this past Sunday was our first Sunday without the Jones family here to lead at Church. So Gibbs and I, along with Brittany and Dan were in charge! Thank goodness that Brittany and Dan were more prepared than we were and that they knew what was going on the whole time. I brought the wrong computer but thankfully Dan had his so he helped me figure all of that out. We also couldn’t get the coffee maker to work, which we had been practicing the past 3 Sundays… so sorry to everyone who came expecting coffee but didn’t get any, we’ll do better next week. But other than that it went really well! Gibbs did children’s church while I help with slides and stuff in the service.

After a couple hours at the beach with the Gentry family on Sunday afternoon we headed back to prepare for Sunday night the Kagman Community church service. We had a really small crowd again, which was a little disappointing but at least some people came. Gibbs and I did children’s church again while Dan lead the service. The preaching at Kagman has been focusing mostly on storying and just teaching people about the Bible and stories of the Bible.

Monday was William’s first day of basketball/badminton camp! So I got to drop him off there every morning this week at 9:00!

Monday night we also had veggie connections, which is the children’s program that is every other Monday night. So with Joy gone, Gibbs and I got to lead it. There wasn’t a huge turnout this week because a lot of the Korean kids go back to Korea for the summer and others are just super busy during this time. But it was really fun and just cool to get to lead that and play with all the kiddos!

Tuesday morning we started a women’s morning small group with some girls from the church. We met at CHA bakery and just talked and learned some about each other. But we are both excited to build relationships and fellowship with them each week!

Tuesday night Billy finally got back from Guam! So we picked him up from the airport and all went to Hard Rock Café to celebrate his Birthday! First Burgers we’ve had since we have been here and it was super good!!

Today I got to babysit some kids in the church just to help out the mom who just recently had another little boy. So I got to watch her 3 other kids for the afternoon. We played on the playground and went to the beach and of course went and got some Saipan famous Pearl Shakes! We all had a lot of fun and hopefully I’m going to continue watching them some for the next couple weeks.

We have continued tutoring Arthur on Monday and Wednesday’s and are hoping for more kids to come as well.

I have been working a lot on the Church library as well as some of the financial duties for the church.

Gibbs is still busy working at the hospital everyday and is getting to see some pretty cool things there.

So with all of that, taking care of William, and exploring the Island, it’s been a pretty busy but awesome week so far!

Gibbs and I have also begun to memorize the book of James! So if anyone wants to join in and memorize it with us we would love it! Or just keep us accountable and occasionally quiz us or something! J

Things y’all can continue praying for:

Growth for Kagman Community Church and that we can find ways to reach out to the people of Kagman to get them interested in coming and to just share the gospel with them.

Safety for the Jones girls as they are in the states for the 2 more weeks!

For both church services this coming Sunday. Pray that people will come and that it will run smoothly without the Jones family here.





One thought on “Halfway There!

  1. Still praying for you both, proud of you, love and prayer to God to accomplish His will in your life In Christ.

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