Week 5

It began to hit us this week how little time we have left here on Saipan. Esther came home Monday from the mainland, Rose and Joy are still there until the beginning of July, and Billy has been working off and on in Guam the past couple of weeks, all of whom have been sick! Tinsley has also been sick this week with a cold, but William and I are going strong still!

This week has been full of various activities- Tinsley taking the kids to camp and practices,  me shadowing in the hospital every day, eating take out on the beach with friends, tutoring, Tinsley babysitting, cliff jumping, Bible study at the Gentry’s, eating octopus, church at 360 and Kagman, and a Saturday adventure to Managaha (island off the shore of Saipan).

Tinsley and I took on the task a few weeks ago to begin memorizing the book of James. For me, the idea of memorizing an extended passage of scripture has popped up in my head a few times, and I realized that starting this summer would be an opportune time. Not to mention, going through it together has been extremely beneficial. Going at a rate of 1 verse per day makes it seem less daunting, but it is getting harder! It has been so cool to see already the fruit of memorizing scripture- when you recite it over and over to yourself, you cannot help but meditate on it throughout the day (Josh. 1:8), and the words begin to capture your mind and transform your heart. And the Lord has surely given us the desire and discipline to continue to do so. By the end of this week, we should have all of chapter 1 memorized. So feel free to call us and quiz us!

Summer is hard here in Saipan. Many people move when their work contracts are ending, families are traveling, or they are just going away for a while to get off the island (the remoteness is beginning to really sink in). Pretty much everyone here would say that the hardest thing about living in Saipan, hands down, is saying goodbye. It is just such a transient place to live.

Needless to say, we also feel summer’s effects on Church 360 and KCC. While Billy has been away in Guam, he has made videos of his sermons that we stream on Sunday mornings. There has been little to no attendance at weekly bible study and kids programs. KCC has been pretty consistent throughout our time here, with very little attendance as well. So prayer for new people coming as people leave and that people would get involved in the church would be a huge request.

It has been interesting to see our role here and how it has played out, because it has not been quite what we pictured in preparing for the summer. However, God has been so faithful, revealing his character so evidently to us, while giving us a clear purpose and peace about being here as we meet and encourage those around us in all that we do.

Can’t believe we will be home in 17 days!


One thought on “Week 5

  1. Praying for you girls! We just studied Joshua 1:8 yesterday with our HS girls small group at FBC! I love that y’all are making it a habit to memorize scripture! Praying you will continue to be a blessing to the Jones family and to the other believers on the island. Also continuing to pray for you to boldly share the gospel with non-believers you meet!

    Love you both!

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