Throughout this trip we have acquired many different names. Some of these include: The interns, the college kids, the girls, Ms. Tinsley and Ms. Gibbs, the sisters (with each other, esther and rose, Billy), Tinsley & Gibbs Co., Gibblett and Tinsletown, missionary girls and more. All of these names come from different people that we have gotten to know here and that I’m going to miss so much.

That has been one of the greatest parts of Saipan, getting to know so many awesome people. Everyone is so welcoming and generous. Even though we have only know all of them for less than 2 months it feels like we have known some of them for so much longer. It has just been so cool to get to know people and hear about their lives and how God brought them to Saipan and what all He has done in their lives. So many of the people we talk to are super well traveled and have lived in many different countries, and it is so inspiring and makes me what to go explore the world!

So we only have only 1 week left and I can’t believe it, it went by so quickly!

This past week has been pretty busy but awesome!

Over the weekend I was able to go and get scuba diving certified! Since this is one of the best places in the world to scuba dive, I figured I might as well go ahead and get certified while I’m here, and I’m sure glad that I did!! It was one of the coolest things I have ever done! I got to see 3 sea turtles, tons of clown fish and other “finding nemo” fish, a barracuda, and a sail fish! Seeing all of the beauty of the ocean just amazes me and makes me wonder how people can see that and still not believe that there is a creator.

Monday was Fourth of July and we had a total “Saipan” day. At least 10 of our plans had to be cancelled including, pool day at fiesta, pool day at Lao Lao, Nafton hike, making tuna poke, pool party and even fireworks on the entire island. To quote Burke Gentry, “We are on like plan number 18 today” But even with all of those plans getting cancelled, it ended up being an awesome day! And now we get a “make up fireworks” day this Saturday, so it’s like Fourth of July all over again!

Joy and Rose got back home form the states this past Tuesday morning (4:00am) and hit the ground running with VBS for church 360 beginning at 9:00 that morning. We actually had a great turnout, which was such an answer to prayer. It has been going really well. The theme is superhero training camp, so we have been talking about different “superhero’s” in the bible. All the kids are also making superhero names for themselves and making capes, masks, belts and other superhero gear. Tomorrow is the last day so we hope everyone shows up and that we finish strong.

A disaster relief team is getting in here tonight from Hawaii to help rebuild some house and things that were messed up from the typhoon that was here last year around this time. Even though it’s been almost a year already there is still a ton of damage and work to be done so we are super excited they are coming to help!

Also just a note, we learned how to make tuna poke with the Gentry’s this week and it was so good! It’s definitely my favorite food here in Saipan and I can’t wait to get home and convince my family to try and make it! J

Things to pray for:

-That the new kids that came to church 360 VBS will come to church on Sunday’s with their families.

– Kagman Community Church VBS for next week: that a lot of kids will come and help to spread the word about the church and to share the gospel with kids who may have not heard it before.

– That Gibbs and I will use this last week here wisely and that we will serve in whatever ways are needed.

PRAISE: Gibbs and I finally finished memorizing James ch. 1! Make sure to quiz us whenever you see us!


3 thoughts on “ONE MORE WEEK!

  1. Yay for James Chapter 1. It’s not easy but so worth it to memorize scripture! We’ll pray for good end to your time there-Debby

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