Day 2 on the Mountain!

Today was our second day of ministry in Guatemala!!

Today we went to a city called Chispan-jaral. It was a new city for us because we have never been there before. We were the first missionaries to visit and share with the people. Our children’s story was about Jesus’s love for his children. The number of children was around 130, and they were pretty excited to play with us! Afterwards, we painted the girls’ nails and played jump the river with jump ropes. It was a wonderful time with them.


After departing from the school, we split into our groups and began making house visits. Our first house visit was with Jovita, a catholic woman. She has been mourning over the death of her son and facing the persecution of her neighbors. We were there in order to encourage her and give her scripture that might lift her up. After leaving Jovita’s we made several other house visits. One of our groups was able to share the story of David and Goliath as well as Jonah and the Whale. Coming back to the hotel we had enough time to jump in the pool! It was very refreshing after a long day of climbing the mountain.To end the day, we had chicken quesadillas for dinner. After dinner we had group time together and were able to share the stories from the day.


Tomorrow we will visit a new school with around 60 children. We will share with them the story of The Good Shepherd. Please pray for the children’s attention and that they will not be super distracted while we teach. God has blessed us with good health and we would like for you to continue to pray for us in that way. Thank you for your love and support during this week in Guatemala.


-Ashton and Hope

2 thoughts on “Day 2 on the Mountain!

  1. Been praying for you guys all week. Praying you will continue to minister in good health and with God’s blessings!

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