Since yesterday was our last day of ministry, we traveled back to Guatemala city today. We were very fortunate that those who were sick this week did not get sick on the car ride. Today has been a well needed day of rest for our team.

Once we arrived at the Arkansas House, we had a time where we debriefed the week. Because we did not have any ministry from today to tell y’all about, I wanted to tell you about our friend Marlin. We went to La Libertad on Wednesday and visited a school our team had never been to before.

Among the wonderful children we encountered, Marlin was the one who really connected with our high school girls. She is a 12 year old student with a tender and beautiful heart. She was constantly talking to our students, and never gave up on communicating. With the language barrier, most of the children would not talk to us unless we asked them one of the few questions we knew in Spanish. Marlin would speak to our students as if they were her very best friends. Because of Marlin’s kindness and perseverance to communicate to them, many of our high school girls left the school encouraged with full hearts.

Tomorrow we will start our journey back to South Carolina!  A couple of our team members are still feeling a bit sick so please pray for their health during our plane rides back. Thank you for your continuous prayer for our team this week. To end this post, I will leave you with a picture of Marlin two of our high school girls.





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