Our Fall 2016 India Team

Missions Spotlight- Fall 2016 India Team.png (Matt, Dave, Amanda, Liz, & Heidi)

Our team of 5 will be serving alongside our brothers and sisters in India from October 27- November 6.

Our partners in India are leading 150+ students through a training called The Timothy Initiative. This Church Planting Training Initiative (CPTI) is a 3-year program intended to help equip believers to make disciples and plant churches. In fact, one of the requirements of this training is that each student plant at least one healthy church in order to graduate. That means they must be very intentional to share the gospel, make disciples, and gather them together, regularly meeting for the preaching of God’s Word and carrying out the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Our partners have been leading these students through this program for almost 2 years now. By January 2018, we will graduate our first students! If all of our current students fulfill the requirements for graduation, we could see 150+ new churches in Northern India!

Our church’s role is simply to come alongside our brothers leading the CPTI to encourage the students as they pursue Jesus and His mission. Our team will be visiting 6 centers. Our hope is to offer a retreat-like atmosphere for them so they can be encouraged, challenged, and refreshed. Just to give you an idea of what we’ll be doing… here is what we’ll be including in our time with them:

I. The Importance of Establishing a Devotional Habit

  1. Hearing & Obeying God’s voice
  2. Waiting on the Lord

II. The Importance of the Family

  1. Singleness
  2. Godly Husbands & Godly Wives
  3. Parents
  4. The Family on Mission

Please pray for us as we teach. Pray our brothers and sisters would be encouraged. Pray they’d feel deeply cherished and take heart that there is a part of God’s family on the other side of the world faithfully praying for them. Pray for mutual edification. Pray we’d have an abundance of opportunities to share the gospel (specifically that the Lord would orchestrate divine moments to clearly articulate the gospel with peoples he’s prepared.) Pray we’d have boldness! And ultimately, pray that Jesus would be made much of, for His glory and our good!

For the team,


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