Hello from the Middle East!

Debby Hulett, Dick Gafford and Jo Gafford are part of a team of 31 from Charleston and Alabama who have traveled to the Middle East to work with / serve Syrian Refugees. For security reasons we cannot say where we are, but we are in a very safe environment. This land is breathtaking and the people are so welcoming and hospitable!

After almost 24 hours of travel we arrived exhausted, but so excited to begin our work = vision screening, eye glass distribution, food and hygeine packet distribution and visiting with the people. Most importantly, letting these displaced people who have lost homes, family, business and everything, know that they are not forgotten. There is an almighty God who loves them and is not blind to their suffering. While we can do scant little to ease their physical suffering, we can offer them the one thing that will ease all their pains for eternity, Christ!

Please pray for these beautiful people, for open hearts and minds, and for God’s purpose and perfect plan!

Be His feet! Jo









2 thoughts on “Hello from the Middle East!

  1. So excited you all are there. Praying that the people you minister to will see physically and spiritually.

    Blessings~~~Libby D

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