Northern India, October 29th, 30th & 31st

Firstly wish y’all could be here, it’s amazing. The people of Northern India are some of the most hospitable and kind people I have had the honor to meet in the world.

The past few days have been the Hindu and Sikh Festival of Divali, the festival of light, this is a huge national holiday.

Right now we are in City A, and have completed two training sessions out in the villages. There have been about forty people at each of the sites: men, women and lots of children. I picture these gatherings as representative of how church would have looked back in the 1st century. People gathering together to eat, learn and fellowship.

This area of Northern India is very fertile so we drive through miles of rice and beet fields to reach the churches in which the training is conducted. The roads are frightening, as the only one traffic rule is that there are no rules. You see people driving the wrong way down roads and total mayhem with horns blasting at every junction.

Crazy stuff: we’ve seen two elephants on the road a few herds of water buffalo been driven down the roads but up until now, no monkeys.

Internet is a bit slow to post pictures but we’ll try again soon!





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