Encouragement for Local Pastors

img_5355img_5377img_5396Our first day began with fellowship and a morning devotional led by Heather. David told us we would be visiting three churches nearby, so travel time was pretty minimal. Our first visit was with Fito, the pastor of the church Chaloom – an open air church with a view of the mountainside. We enjoyed our visit with prayer and a passage from Ephesians 1:3-9. We were encouraged to hear that his church averages around 45 in attendance, and groups meet there 5 nights a week. We’ll be returning on Wednesday evening for one of these services!

Our next church was somewhat more traditional as you can see from the first two photos above. Pastor Elias leads this church, which is called Rivers of Living Water. He has been the pastor there for 40 years! We spent some time with Elias, his wife, and his daughter, getting to know them and talking about the church services, children’s activities, and radio ministry. Elias’ wife has led a study of Revelation through the radio for 16 years! We also spent some time singing hymns together. Laura and Heather even had a turn with the accordion!

The last church we visited was called the City of Peace with pastor Jose Maria. This church is currently meeting on a rented porch, but a new facility is being built (third picture above) on land that the local mayor donated. It was amazing to hear how the pastor and a few others brought in 30 loads of dirt, one wheelbarrow at a time, to level the area, then laid each cinder block themselves. Jose Marie asked that we pray for the church members – that their faith would grow and that they would have a reborn fire for the Lord.

After our visits today, we returned to the hotel and enjoyed some great fellowship and team time. That continued after supper as we met at the White’s house for coffee and a devotion led by Nathan on Psalm 46:10.

The Gospel is spreading throughout Guatemala! We praise God for these pastors and felt so honored to be welcomed by each of them today. Please keep these pastors and churches in your prayers!

-Mikey (with a little assistance) ; )







3 thoughts on “Encouragement for Local Pastors

  1. So glad you arrived safe and had a productive day today! Wow, can you imagine if we had church 5 nights a week..awesome! Praying for the work of the Holy Sprit there and to see what God will do. Thank you for your updates. Blessings!

  2. Brings back sooo many fond times there with the Whites and the boys. Praying you see much fruit from your labor.
    Robert Causey

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