We’ve Arrived!

Good morning everyone!  Laura Tyler here, thanking you for following our blog as we seek to share the life-changing Gospel message with the people of Guatemala.

All is well here in Central America!  We arrived on time and so did our luggage.  After clearing customs we got into a small van with Miguel, our interpreter, and drove for several hours along a beautiful and interesting road to our hotel.  This hotel will be our “base” for the next several days, and we will be making trips out to the villages from here each day.   On the drive to the hotel, we were able to get closer as a team by sharing our individual stories about how we came to faith.  This made the drive go by really quickly, and it was amazing for me personally to hear about my teams’ lives and how excited each of us are to get the chance to share the reason for the joy that is inside us.

After checking in to our accommodations (Mike and Nate are roommates, and we three ladies are chilling on three little twin beds, camp style), we headed over to the White’s home, where we enjoyed a late dinner and some quality fellowship time.  Their boys are absolutely the cutest, and showed us around their house and homeschool area like tour guides.

Today we will be heading out to visit various churches in the area.  Pray for us this week – that we would be bold and would be sensitive and watchful for opportunities with people whom God has already been preparing.

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