Heat’n Up!

Hello, everyone! Our third day started out a bit chilly.  It was a nice morning and the whole team was well rested, ready to tackle the Lord’s work for the day.  We knew the Holy Spirit was going to be with us today; ready to spill over and to soften hearts.

Breakfast was delightful as usual as Mike enlightened us with our morning devotional on 2 Corinthians 12: 1-10.  Fueled by coffee, we loaded up the trucks and were on the way to our first stop to visit a young man named Fabricio and his grandmother.  Miguel had heard about them through a local teacher in the village.  Fabrisio is currently handicapped and cannot walk due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  He has a great spirit and a wonderful smile even though his friends have stopped visiting him and he is bed-ridden most of the day.  His great attitude may have inspired us more than we were able to inspire him while visiting and showing our support.  Fabricio loved to play soccer before the paralysis, which completely disabled him in less than an hour nearly 5 years ago. We prayed with him and promised to keep him in our prayers.


Our next stop was to visit Marcelino and his family.  Again, they were very welcoming along with everyone else we’ve encountered so far.  Marcelino is 95 years old and dealing with dementia.  His family (two sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren) have moved in to help care for him. Although his memory is failing, he told us that he built the home himself fifty-five years ago. We enjoyed each others’ stories and prayed with the family. (We were also all very impressed by the family cat that took care of a small rodent problem right before our eyes!)


Lunchtime was approaching as we met with Miguel’s family (our wonderful translator) in his village of Chanco and enjoyed some food with his mother and sister.  Then the team split up and visited two homes each – sharing personal testimonies and more of the Gospel with the local villagers.


The day was coming to an end as we got back to the hotel and washed up for dinner.  Quesadillas and fries were on the menu tonight!  Afterward, we headed over to David and Regina’s house to visit and have team time.  Laura opened up in prayer and gave the evening devotion on Psalms 40: 8-10.  We discussed our ups and downs and then encouraged each other, never forgetting to give all the praise to our Lord God Almighty.  The women are playing cards now as Mike has already called it a night and I am not too far behind him.  Goodnight World and we’ll see you manana!


-Nathan Rhodes (aka Mr. Roboto)





2 thoughts on “Heat’n Up!

  1. Thank you so much for you emails! Your pictures and description of those you meet each day makes me feel like I am almost there. You are all in our prayers.


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