2nd Day in the Villages

Good morning!

I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to blog last night. It was a wonderfully fulfilling-somewhat exhausting-wouldn’t change a thing kind of day. Needless to say, we were pretty spent by the time we got back to the hotel.

We made four visits in the villages yesterday, beginning with a return trip to Chanco. There we met with Ramiro’s daughter and granddaughter, along with a laborer who was working on their home. Mike, Nathan, and David spent time with the young man, while Laura, Heather, Miguel, and I spoke with the young ladies.

After that, we met with Miguel’s brother, Transito, who has just returned from the States. He was very welcoming and kind as he listened and answered all our questions. We had lunch on his porch and then headed to another home. There we spoke with Milton, Gladys, and their son Ronaldo, friends of Miguel’s. Milton has also recently returned from the States. The fellas spent some nice time with him while the girls spoke with Gladys and her son.

Lastly, we stopped by the home of the young driver who brought us from Guatemala City Sunday. The driver, Darvin, wasn’t home but we visited with his mother and sister. Angelica and Brenda seemed to really enjoy our visit. They made us fresh squeezed orange juice and shared with us about another daughter who is in the city with her husband recovering from a very serious car accident.

Throughout these visits, we were able to tell our personal stories, share the Gospel, and ask questions about their faith. We also left them with specific verses they can refer to as they study the Word on their own. As usual, everyone was very respectful and happy to talk with us. We ended each visit with prayer and the hope that the Lord would reveal Himself in a very real way to those people.

Last night, we returned to Fito’s church in Chiquimula for a mid-week service. It was wonderful to worship along with the national believers. The team, along with David, sang “At the Cross” as an opening hymn. It was beautiful to see the congregation singing along in their own language. Laura and I shared some scripture (Laura very comfortably in Spanish – I’m so jealous!), and then we sang some more songs and listened to a message about obedience from Joshua (sound familiar?) It was a very encouraging experience.

We’re heading out in a few minutes to visit some local believers and village churches, including Bible study this afternoon in Muyurco. Please pray for us as we go – that our joy in Christ will easily overflow to strengthen the faith of these believers.

In Christ,

Here’s a photo of the gang with Angelica and Brenda.


One thought on “2nd Day in the Villages

  1. Prayers being sent.
    Thank you all for you do for the Lord.
    God is using you in a mighty way.
    The Kobes’s.

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