Finishing Well

I (Laura) am happy to tell you that we made it safely back to Guatemala City this evening!  There were some interesting sights along the road, and many beautiful views.  We were so glad to get to hang out with the White family a little longer – what a joy they have been to work alongside, and I hope they were as encouraged by us as we were by them.

Upon arrival to the city, we first spent some time with tens of thousands of our closest friends in traffic.  After that, we went to the market, ate some dinner, got to walk around a mall for a bit and stretch our legs, bought some coffee to bring home to our friends and family, and then drove to the missionary guest home.

We unloaded, got settled, and then sat down for our final team time.  The FBC mission teams always have a special get together at the end of each trip to debrief a little.  We spent some time talking through the week’s highs and lows, and then shared personal encouragement to each other about how we saw God working throughout the week.  This was such a special way to finish up our time here in Guatemala.

We’d like to say a special thank you for your prayers before, during and after this trip.  We KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the boldness we felt to share our faith, and any good thing that we were able to accomplish, came directly from God’s almighty hand.

Please enjoy a little sampling of photos, and be sure to consider traveling with us next time!  You will come away with a new understanding of the global Church, with a joy in seeing Guatemalan believers worshiping freely, and a renewed commitment to sharing your faith openly with the people around you.


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